The first summit for Gender Lens in Innovation

NOGAFem, Transforming Women's health

February 11 , 2021

18:00 IL / 17:00 CET/ 11:00 EST

The event will be held online in English   Registration is free of charge    Program is subject to change

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Noa Yaffe,

Israel Innovation Authority

Opening remarks

Unmet needs of Women's Health

The impact of gender dimensions in healthcare research and technology

Prof.  Valeria Raparelli MD, PhD

University of Alberta, Canada

University of Ferrara, Italy

Incorporating gender variables into research data

Covid-19 and Ischemic Heart Disease

Prof. Avi Schroeder, PhD

Technion, Israel

Nanotechnology- the impact of gender

Sex and gender in preclinical research

Dr Chandra Leo MD, MBA

HBM Partners AG

Opportunities for women's health investment


Dr. Ronell Klingman, MD

Dr. Michal Sela, DMD, MA


Panel discussion: Strategies to fast track gender-lens impact into healthcare technologies to accelerate women’s health unmet needs


Noa Yaffe, Biz Dev,

Israel Innovation Authority

Opening remarks

Lena Rogovin, Senior Digital Health Analyst

Startup Nation Central


Prof.  Karolina Kublickiene MD, PhD

Karolinska Institutet


Unmet needs of Women's Health

The impact of gender dimensions in healthcare research and technology

Prof.  Valeria Raparelli MD, PhD

University of Alberta, Canada

University of Ferrara, Italy

Incorporating gender variables into research data

Covid-19 and Ischemic Heart Disease

avi sshroder.jpg

Prof. Avi Schroeder, PhD

Dept of Chemical Engineering Technion–Israel Institute of Technology

Nanotechnology- the impact of gender

Sex and gender in preclinical research


Opportunities for women's health investment


Strategies to fast track gender-lens impact into healthcare technologies to accelerate women’s health unmet needs




A Bit of Background

Historically research bias and representation bias has excluded women from research  due to cited reasons of hormonal effects pregnancy and safety to the unborn fetus, establishing the predominant male population as the baseline.

In 2019 the FDA released the Women’s Health by 2030 plan – pushing for the inclusion of more women in clinical trials because the premise of good medicine is good evidence and that means studying diseases, technologies and medications in women


How sex and gender bias has harmed the health of women

FIRST Do no Harm is the basic tenant of the practice of good clinical medicine. Nevertheless, we still hearing about lawsuits of 1 billion dollars being paid out to women whose technologies failed them- from orthopedic implant devices to vaginal meshes? Where have our regulatory processes fallen short? What about the algorithmic bias of AI tools, resulting in inaccurate predictors of health outcomes in women?

About NOGAFem

We have established NOGAFem (R.A)  to create a community of practice of researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, academic scholars and thought leaders who lead sex and gendered innovation, research, services and regulatory processes to fast track and overcome historical knowledge and practice gaps in order to facilitate healthcare equity for all genders.

About the Speakers


Prof. Karolina Kublickiene MD, PhD

  • Associate Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Karolinska Institutet. Sweden.

  • Senior scientist at the Department of Clinical Science Intervention and Technology, Unit for Renal Medicine, Karolinska University Hospital.

  • Director for the Doctoral program in Development and Regeneration. 

  • Founder of Gendered Innovation Alliance at KI - a platform for knowledge sharing regarding implementation of gender dimension in research and educational content towards innovations in medicine and health care.

  • PI at KI for ACT, a new Horizon 2020 EU project on Gender Equality & Gender Dimension in research. 

  • PI at KI for the EU GenderNet Plus Co-Fund project: Gender Outcomes INternational Group: to Further Well-being Development (GOING-FWD).

Karolina is responsible for undergraduate and doctoral education, and the supervision of master's, PhD and Post Doc studies. Her focus is on vascular physiology and pathophysiology within the context of endothelial function. Karolina has a particular interest on women's cardiovascular health at reproductive age and after menopause and implementation of sex/gender aspects in preclinical and clinical research towards innovation in health care.

Her portfolio includes doctoral courses on Sex/gender aspects in biomedical research, methodologies in clinical research, arterial function in health and disease as well as undergraduate courses in Gender aspects in health and disease.

As a leader for the doctoral program in Development and Regeneration (DEVREG), she works to develop an excellent multidisciplinary course curriculum, but also foster initiatives from students and encourage them in collaborative and creative initiatives to become future’s innovative scientists, leaders, company developers, social entrepreneurs and teachers.


Prof. Valeria Raparelli MD, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Department of Translational Medicine, University of Ferrara, Italy

  •  Assistant Adjunct Professor University of Alberta, Faculty of Nursing, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • Co-leader for the McGill coordination center of the GOING-FWD Project.

  •  Co-Chair of the IMAGINE (Internal Medicine and Assessment of Gender differences in Europe) Working Group of the European Federation of

  • Internal Medicine (EFIM).

Over the past 5 years, her principal research interests have focused on understanding sex and gender- specific issues in cardiovascular disease. She was the PI on a 5-year grant entitled “Sex and gender differences in ischemic heart disease: from bench to bedside - Endocrine Vascular Disease Approach
(EVA),” at Sapienza ,University of Rome, Italy, funded by the Scientific Independence of Young Researchers (SIR) Program, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education and the University and Research (MIUR) (2015-2020). ( 

For this project, she was recently awarded the Elizabeth Young Investigator Award from the  rganization for the Study of Sex Differences (OSSD).
Her current work for the International Collaboration for Gender-Oriented Research is aimed at  establishing a transatlantic network of experts in gender medicine, internal medicine specialists, and outcomes researchers (GOING-FWD Consortium; This collaboration aims to identify appropriate measures of gender which can be feasibly applied to
evaluate chronic noncommunicable diseases. She was a visiting Professor at McGill University in Canada (2017-2019), working closely with Dr Louise Pilote to develop specific skills and knowledge in the integration and application of gender dimensions within clinical research. From March 2020, she is part of the COVID-19 Mortality Group of the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS)
( and she is an Italian researcher partner of the iCARE (International COVID-19 Awareness and Responses Evaluation) Study (

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avi sshroder.jpg

Prof. Avi Schroeder, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel


Prof. Avi Schroeder is a tenured Chemical Engineering Professor at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and a member of Israel Young National Academy of Sciences, with a research interest at the interface of medicine and nanotechnology. He heads up the laboratory for targeted drug delivery and personalized medicine technologies. His research group is aimed at improving patients’ quality of life and bettering their treatment by developing innovative medical technologies. Specifically, the focus is on targeting metastatic cancer with nanotechnology, and on constructing miniature medical devices that couple diagnosis to therapy (theranostic devices).  During his postdoctoral training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he and his colleagues developed nanoparticles capable of autonomously synthesizing proteins upon signal, thereby being a platform for on-site delivery of medications and preventing damage to healthy organs. Prof Schroeder is the author of numerous scientific papers in the field of nanotechnology and medicine. In addition, Avi is the inventor of 14 patents, and recipient of 20 national and international innovation awards. He is a scientific-entrepreneur, forming five successful Technion startup companies.

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Dr Chandra Leo, MD, MBA  HBM Partners

​Chandra joined the private equity team at HBM Partners in 2007. He has been responsible for investments in over 20 private biotech, medical device and diagnostics companies in the United States, Europe and Israel, including several firms in the field of women’s health. These companies have so far generated nine NASDAQ IPOs, five M&A transactions, and five FDA-approved marketed products.

Prior to joining HBM, Chandra worked as a postdoctoral scientist in reproductive biology at Stanford University, as a physician in OB/GYN at the University Hospital Leipzig and as a principal at Wellington Partners Venture Capital. He earned his medical degree at the Freie Universität Berlin (Charité), an MAS in Medicines Development at the University of Basel and an MBA with distinction at INSEAD.

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Dr. Michal Sela, D.M.D, MA

Founder and C.O.B

High profile thought leader & Gender lecturer,  with hybrid experience & knowledge on Gender equality and technology. Extensive women related policy making experience, Extensive managerial experience,

Head of the Industrial Committee at the National Council for Promoting women in science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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Dr. Ronell Klingman (Bernstein) M.D

Founder and Board member

Medical Marketing executive with deep scientific knowledge and analytical skills.
Ronell has over 20 years’ experience in working with multinational Pharma companies.
She serves as a strategic consultant to Israeli biotech companies with a specific focus on investor decks, disease relevance and market. Hybrid knowledge and experience of medicine and technology
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יפעת רוזנטל כהן.jpg

Yifat Rosenthal Cohen

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Academic secretary of the Holon Institute of Technology
A decade experience in senior management of large organizations, 
B.A in economics , MBA
franchise to operate TEDx events.
Yonatan Glaser 150KB_JPG.webp

Yonatan Glaser

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Expert in leadership development, social entrepreneurship, social change, education and training.

Collaborations with government agencies, businesses and NGO's in Israel and abroad

B.A, MA  University of Melbourne, Australia

דגנית סלנט.jpg

Dganit Salant

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Strategic and organizational development consultant
Senior management experience in a local authority whith ongoing emergency situation.
MA with honors in organizational counseling, LLB and a mediator certificate. Graduate of design and marketing communications from the Technion.
ענת פנטי.jpg

Anat Fanti

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PhD candidate in Science and Technology Studies, Bar-Ilan University.  Her research focuses on well-being, happiness, and quality- of -life Indicators in policy and in digital health.
Member of IEEE P7010 group .
She leads a team on gender-centered health at the Israel National Council for promoting Women in Science and Technology.
Anat holds an M.A from Columbia University .



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