The 2nd summit for Gender Lens in Innovation

June 3 , 2021  19:00 IL / 18:00 CET/ 12:00 EST

The event will be held online in English   Registration is free of charge    Program is subject to change

The summit will be transcribed  online to English

Recordings will be available to all pre-registered participants

Summit Program

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Noa Yaffe, Biz Dev

Israel Innovation Authority

Opening remarks

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Lena Rogivin,

Senior digital Health Analyst

Start Up Nation Central

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Prof.  Alyson Mcgregor, MD

Associate Professor, the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and Director for the Division of Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine

Why Sex and Gender Matters- Clinical perspective

How male centric medicine has harmed women's health


Keren Leshem, CEO

OCON Healthcare

The promise and progress of Women’s Health Technologies

Innovative, high-quality intrauterine drug-delivery platform technology

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Nimrod Lev, CEO and Co-Founder, Gyntools

Pathways to success in Unmet Needs for Women

Cutting edge diagnostics for Vaginal Health


Brittany Barreto, PhD

FemTech Focus-Coyote Ventures

Opportunities for women's health investments

"FemTech is not a Niche!"


Dr. Ronell Klingman, MD

Dr. Michal Sela, DMD, MA


Panel discussion: Strategies to fast track gender-lens impact into healthcare technologies to accelerate women’s health unmet needs



A Bit of Background


Historically research bias and representation bias has excluded women from research  due to cited reasons of hormonal effects pregnancy and safety to the unborn fetus, establishing the predominant male population as the baseline.

In 2019 the FDA released the Women’s Health by 2030 plan – pushing for the inclusion of more women in clinical trials because the premise of good medicine is good evidence and that means studying diseases, technologies and medications in women


How sex and gender bias has harmed the health of women

FIRST Do no Harm is the basic tenant of the practice of good clinical medicine. Nevertheless, we still hearing about lawsuits of 1 billion dollars being paid out to women whose technologies failed them- from orthopedic implant devices to vaginal meshes? Where have our regulatory processes fallen short? What about the algorithmic bias of AI tools, resulting in inaccurate predictors of health outcomes in women?

About NOGAFem

We have established NOGAFem (R.A)  to create a community of practice of researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, academic scholars and thought leaders who lead sex and gendered innovation, research, services and regulatory processes to fast track and overcome historical knowledge and practice gaps in order to facilitate healthcare equity for all genders.


About the Speakers

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Prof. Alyson McGregor, MD

Alyson J. McGregor, MD MA FACEP is a physician, researcher, and writer.  She is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and Director for the Division of Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine. Her research on the roles sex and gender play in emergent conditions has made her a spokesperson and advocate for women around the world.

Dr. McGregor currently serves as a member of the Advisory Committee Research on Women’s Health (ACRWH) for the Office of Research on Women’s Health, National Institutes of Health.  A Co-Founder of the national organization Sex and Gender Women’s Health Collaborative, Dr. McGregor also recently served as Co-Chair of the Sex and Gender Health Education Summit, designed to establish an integrative sex and gender curriculum for current and future health professionals. Dr. McGregor is also the director for a SGEM two-year fellowship program and SGEM educational electives for residents and medical students. 

Dr. McGregor’s TEDx talk, “Why Medicine Often Has Dangerous Side Effects for Women,” currently has over 1.6 million views and she has recently released her new book “Sex Matters: How Male-Centric Medicine Endangers Women’s Health and What We Can Do About It”, Hatchet Book Group Publishing.

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Keren Leshem, CEO, OCON Healthcare


Keren Leshem is currently the CEO of OCON healthcare.  A leading women’s health company with a mission to introduce innovative, high-quality intrauterine drug-delivery technology to improve and impact women’s health and quality of life.


Prior to OCON Keren headed the corporate development at EU pharma company VISUfarma , was a board member of a BioLight (TASE: BOLT) company: ViSci (previously headed as CEO) and a University lecturer in Marketing & Business English.


„I believe in strengthening women and I make sure to lead with passion, integrity and focus on my brilliant team of (mostly) women, service providers and customers. I make sure to donate my time and my earnings to and with women that are starting out their career path and those whom have made choices that require mentoring.  I love what I do and I do what I love.“  

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Nimrod Lev, CEO and Co-Founder


Nimrod Lev is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of GYNTOOLS, a womens health technology company developing innovative, rapid point-of-care diagnostic tools, for better Women’s Health


Nimrod is an entrepreneur, founder, Inventor and leader.He has over his 20 years of experience in technology implementation, with extensive experience in management positions in startups and globally establishd companies nad has expertise in R&D, business strategy, product development, operations, investor relations, marketing, sales and customer service. He is the inventor of more than 40 issued and pending patents.

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Brittany Barreto, PhD

FemTech Focus-Coyote Ventures- serial entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist

Dr. Brittany Barreto is the Co-Founder, Executive Director, and Podcast Host of FemTech Focus. While finishing her PhD in genetics at Baylor College of Medicine, Brittany became the CEO and Co-Founder of the revolutionary dating app Pheramor. The ambitious venture was the first nationwide DNA-based dating app. She then embarked on a new path into venture capital as the Senior Venture Associate at Capital Factory, She was tasked with launching the fund's Houston branch. Under her leadership, the Houston accelerator portfolio grew by an impressive 205% and she led due diligence on several successful investments.  Brittany now has her sights on advancing the women’s health and wellness community through her latest world-changing venture - FemTech Focus. She is host of the FemTech Focus podcast which has over 100 episodes, 30K downloads, and subscribers in 100 countries. FemTech Focus has assisted hundreds of femtech founders to build, launch, and succeed through their events, resources, and market research reports. Additionally, Brittany is founding partner and emerging fund manager at Coyote Ventures, an early-stage FemTech investment firm. 

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Dr. Michal Sela, D.M.D, MA

Founder and C.O.B

High profile thought leader & Gender lecturer,  with hybrid experience & knowledge on Gender equality and technology. Extensive women related policy making experience, Extensive managerial experience,

Head of the Industrial Committee at the National Council for Promoting women in science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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Medical Marketing executive with deep scientific knowledge and analytical skills.
Ronell has over 20 years’ experience in working with multinational Pharma companies.
She serves as a strategic consultant to Israeli biotech companies with a specific focus on investor decks, disease relevance and market. Hybrid knowledge and experience of medicine and technology
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Dr. Ronell Klingman (Bernstein) M.D

Founder and Board member


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Yifat Rosenthal Cohen

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Academic secretary of the Holon Institute of Technology
A decade experience in senior management of large organizations, 
B.A in economics , MBA
franchise to operate TEDx events.
Yonatan Glaser 150KB_JPG.webp

Yonatan Glaser

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Expert in leadership development, social entrepreneurship, social change, education and training.

Collaborations with government agencies, businesses and NGO's in Israel and abroad

B.A, MA  University of Melbourne, Australia

דגנית סלנט.jpg

Dganit Salant

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Strategic and organizational development consultant
Senior management experience in a local authority whith ongoing emergency situation.
MA with honors in organizational counseling, LLB and a mediator certificate. Graduate of design and marketing communications from the Technion.
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Anat Fanti

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PhD candidate in Science and Technology Studies, Bar-Ilan University.  Her research focuses on well-being, happiness, and quality- of -life Indicators in policy and in digital health.
Member of IEEE P7010 group .
She leads a team on gender-centered health at the Israel National Council for promoting Women in Science and Technology.
Anat holds an M.A from Columbia University .



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